Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How to Design a Gallery Wall

One of my favorite ways to make an impact in a room is with wall art. 
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when designing a gallery wall that's Pinterest-worthy: 

Once you know the wall area you're focusing on, and the furniture around that space, you can decide on your color story and general theme. For my gallery wall above, I opted for a color story of black, white, and gold with a glam fashion theme to compliment my workspace, and my personality. Think about the art that you'll use, and also decide on your frames, since these will contribute to the overall palette. Try repeating a few frame styles/colors in different sizes to create a unifying effect. For example, I stuck to black, white, and gold frames to help tell the color story, and repeated a few of the styles to keep it cohesive.

Try to work in a variety of pieces that are meaningful to you but still compliment each other. You could use your own travel photos, mixed in with paintings or prints from your favorite artist. Hand lettered pieces and quotes are also a fun way to add an inspirational element. If it works with your overall theme, you can experiment with adding dimensional objects like mirrors, antlers, or letters and symbols, to fill up the space and add personality.

It's actually easier than you think, and can add a personal touch to your collection. I made the two abstract pieces here using ink on watercolor paper. Simply framing the art can make it look a lot more polished and impressive.

Once you've selected your art and frames, lay it all out and play with the arrangement. I like to put all the pieces on the floor and rearrange until the colors and sizes compliment each other, and I create the right overall shape for the wall space. You can then use painter's tape to map things out on the wall and guide where each piece will hang. Leave an even amount of space between each frame, on all sides, so the art has room to breathe – depending on the size of your frames, and the size of your wall space, two to four inches should work.

Art Sources: Chanel Road Sign / Black and White “Madame Paulette Net Hat” / Black and gold fashion illustration / Chanel Fashion Soup / “Dramatic” hand lettering / High heel illustration

Furniture: Desk / Chair / Sheepskin / Black Accent Table

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