Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fancy Pants

A fall trend I'm loving right now is pants and trousers in opulent fabrics—from ornate brocade and jacquard to lace and printed silks.     

image via Wendy's Lookbook

For a super wearable and seasonal look, pair these with a slouchy pullover and statement necklace, or a tee and blazer combo.


  1. Hello, I admire your work and talent you've got! Obsessed with your fashion illustration. Can you answer few questions for me? Do you draw every piece by yourself or use stencils? What do you use to produce such detailed patterns? Markers only? And what do you prefer and use more often: copic sketch or prismacolor markers? Also what kind of paper do you use? I am begginer and don't know much about illustration but would love to try! :) thanks in advance for tips and advices :* Anna

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for the comment. Yes I draw all my illustrations by hand, no stencils. I use a combination of copic, prsimacolor, and tombow markers and black ink pens on canson sketchbook paper. Good luck! x

  2. thank you! which markers are best to buy first? :) xx